Research Topics

Area: Materials Physics and Chemistry

  • MATERIALS APPLIED TO HEALTH: This topic aims the search for synthetic or natural biocompatible materials for applications in health problems. In addition to the materials, the line encompasses the development of new techniques applied to quality control of medicines. We highlight the search for natural materials with antitumor, fungicide and bactericidal properties, among others; development and analysis of photosensitizers for photodynamic therapy; synthesis of cellular markers; developments of multifunctional nanomaterials for drug delivery and; toxicity and harmful potential of nanomaterials in animals and plants.
  • MATERIALS AND METHODS FOR ENVIRONMENTAL REMEDIATION AND CONTROL: This research line has as objective the study and development of new materials and methods aiming its applications in the remediation and control of the environment (air, soil, water, etc.). Applications include unconventional wastewater and effluent treatment processes; removal of heavy metals; treatments of soil and atmosphere, among others.
  • MATERIALS, SENSORS AND ENERGY: This research topic encompasses the development of new materials and processes for the fabrication of sensor and power generation devices. Of particular interest are: (i) new semiconductor materials for thin film solar cells and third-generation organic/inorganic hybrid cells, such as perovskite cells and dye-sensitized cells; (ii) development of new nanomaterials for gas sensors, optical sensors etc .; (iii) development of insulating, ferroelectric and multiferroic materials and characterization of their properties; (iv) synthesis of biofuels in general and validation of new processes and/or spectroscopic techniques (fluorescence, UV-Vis, FTIR and others) and computational simulations for analysis and control of fuel quality.
  • THEORY, INSTRUMENTATION AND COMPUTATIONAL SIMULATION IN MATERIALS. The aim of this topic is the development of theories, instrumentation and computational simulations applied to the problems of the Materials Science in general.